In Europe, Shea butter is not recognized sufficiently. Indeed, Shea butter is sometimes used in conventional cosmetics for face and body care but for the most part, with very low concentration of it and the only effect is on a purely commercial basis.

Moreover, cosmetics industry use it refined while the refining process which remains blanch it, deodorize it, destroy much of its active principles. Pure and unrefined, Shea butter is unctuous, creamy and enjoyable when applied on the skin, leaving it feeling soft and supple. Refined, it becomes granular, it crumbles easily, it dissolves hardly and using it is unnecessary.

These observations have led LUNA BEAUTE to the commitment to make the product known fair value and enabling Europeans to benefit from all its blessings.

Exclusively, for its face and body cares, Luna Beauté uses organic and unrefined Shea butter with high concentrations guaranteeing optimum effectiveness.

In order to provide you higher quality products, Luna Beauté supplies directly from a community of women who cultivate and collect Shea nuts and develop Shea butter in an artisanal way and in accordance with organic ECOCERT label Specifications.