“Luna Beauté” is a sideline of high quality natural skincare, developed for compliance with the ECOCERT ecological and organic cosmetics specification. This Organic ECOCERT Label guarantees the following contents:

  • Minimum 95% of natural components (water include)
  • Minimum 10% of natural ingredients derived from certified organic cultivation (water include)
  • Minimum 95%of ingredients derived from certified organic plants

On many points, Luna Beauté goes even further than ECOCERT specification because we have chosen to let you benefit from nature’s treasures and benefits in the highest respect of environment. All our packaging are organically degradable and recyclable. For ecological reasons, we don’t use cardboard packaging Our entire range is made by a French laboratory bearing the ECOCERT Label. None of the products of our range are tested on animals.

Our care products are guaranteed with:

  • No paraffin and no silicone
  • No PEG (Polyethylene glycol) and no PPG (polypropylene glycol)
  • No ethoxylates products
  • No paraben and no phenoxyethanol
  • No formaldehyde and chlorine-cleaving compounds.
  • No synthetic perfumes and coloring.
  • No di-ethyl phtalate and no nitro musc.
  • No petrochemical derivatives.
  • No GMO
  • No material of animal origin

Most of these products prohibited in organical cosmetics are frequently used in mainstream cosmetic products. Absorbed through the skin and stored in the body, they can cause allergies, irritations, hormone disrupting, and even some cancers… Luna Beauté is a quality requirement. Each product of our range contains an exceptionally high rate of organical assets. We also attach high importance to formula’s delicacy, to fragrance and to the softness of textures