*Unrefined Shea butter agreed by ECOCERT.

In order to provide you higher quality products, Luna Beauté uses organic and unrefined Shea butter. Pure and not manipulated, it entirely keeps all its outstanding properties. Its high unsaponifiable, fatty acids an A, E, F, K vitamins contents give Sheap butter its special properties which is very search in the cosmetic branch.

Resinous Esters (Terpene alcohol)
Alpha and Beta amyrinSkin protection
ButyruspermolBefore and after sun
Cinnamic EstersUV absorption, healing, disinfectant and anti-inflammatory
Alpha SpinasterolCellular stimulation
Alpha SpinasterolStimulation cellulaire
Delta 7 StigmasterolRegeneration
LatexPrevention of sun allergies
Vitamin A (or retinol)Help regenerate aged skin Repair injured and dry skins Makes skin more elastic Collagen production is activated Prevents the formation of wrinkles dues to UV
Vitamin E (er tocopherol)Slows the skin ageing process Anti-inflammatory effect Protects against UV rays Moisturizes the skin Reduce the depth of wrinkles Imroves the cutaneous micro circulation
Vitamin F (Linoleic acid)Regulation of moisture in the skin Protects against harsh external factors
Vitamin K controls blood coagulation 


Derived from an ALARIA ESCULENTA brown alga rich agreed by ECOCERT, scientifically recognized for its anti-aging, firming and anti-oxydant virtues.

You will find it all our face and body skincare range.

It stimulates membranes proteoglycans natural synthesis.

It Properties:

  • Protective cutaneous :
  • anti-ridicalizing activity
  • Anti oxydant
  • Moisturizer
  • Stimulates glycosaminoglyacanes synthesis

The Alaria Esculenta has an original and unique composition (3.6.9 omegas, lipoamide sterols.

  • Improve the firmness of the skin
  • Anti elastic activities in order to preserve and protect cutaneous elasticity
  • Anti collagenase activity in order to preserve and protect cutaneous flexibility
  • Stimulates the synthesis of collagene
  • Stimulates hyaluronic acid synthesis
  • Improves cellular communication
  • Protects 43 connexins (epidermal communciation)
  • Stimulates collagen 4 and 7 neo synthesis
  • Stimulates transmembrane proteoglycans neo synthesis (dermal communication)
  • Skin conditioner
  • Stimulates cellular ATP basal synthesis
  • Stimulates cellular ATP mitochondrial synthesis
  • Stimulates ADP and AMPc synthesis


Composed of Carrageenan. It is known for its tensor, fresh and lifting effects.

You will find it in our eye contour treatment